Believers’ Convention 2023 is for
Young and old believers!


What is Believers’ Convention?

Believers’ Convention is a yearly 7-day camp meeting that takes place in August each year. It is a platform in the Spirit for the sounding of the light of Christ and the Son of God.

Through this programme, seasoned ministers of the New Testament bring the gospel of salvation via various ministrations that prepare and furnish the hearts of saints to ultimately inherit eternal life.






August 6th - 12th, 2023.

That deep longing for God in your heart will be satisfied and fueled again!

Believers’ Convention has Morning and Evening sessions daily, to enlighten christians who seek to know the intent of God for creating them.

BECON2023 theme is unannounced.

BECON 2021 Theme

Becon2022: Who is like God?

An eye opening experience into seeing more into the person of God; His meekness, His lowliness, His fearfulness and above all His power and desire to save

Get familiar with previous Believers’ Convention themes

Eden Hidden Seal


The tidings of God’s Day


The Priest (The Life and The Glory)


The Prophecy


Sounding the Mystery Of God


Utterances of the Father


Word of God


The Father’s Image: The Lamb


Frequently Asked Questions about Believers’ Convention

Believers’ Convention is for everybody irrespective of church affiliation. It is a non-denominational Believers’ Meeting attended by Believers from different nations and christian backgrounds.

Believers’ Convention was commissioned to help believers grow in God’s perfect will. If you want to know God deeply and fulfill His eternal counsel for your life, Believers’ Convention is a meeting to attend!

Attending Believers’ Convention is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Believers’ Convention is anchored by the Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministry (EGFM). EGFM is a home to many believers from different backgrounds. As a major event, Believers’ Convention was designed under the leading of the Holy Spirit to raise people who can stand complete in all of the will of God.

Still got questions on how to prepare for this holy convocation?

Check out these hand-picked videos made to help prepare your heart to be blessed.

It’s a gathering of the saints in light, BECON23 is here!

Watch this groovy video to have a glimpse of what the Lord has planned for us at this year’s meeting.

We can sense it, we can feel it,
the Father is here

Still don’t feel the change in atmosphere? Press play to see what we are feeling, catch the Joy!

These are the days of the fulfilment of
this prophecy!

Watch this clip that shows Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin 1988 Camp meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma and how it explains what the Lord is doing in these days and times

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Enjoy the full experience of the ministry

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